In its radiance, the bulb embodies two core ideals. First, it symbolizes our unwavering commitment to advancing the realm of green electricity and energy. Second, it reflects our laboratory’s steadfast dedication to nurturing your professional and personal growth, fostering the light within you to shine brightly.

Postdoc Positions

We are always looking for creative, talented, driven, and hard-working Post-doc. We invite you to reach out to Professor Abate if your background aligns with the four research themes highlighted on the “Research” page of this website.

Moreover, we are actively seeking candidates for the following positions:

PhD Positions

Please contact Professor Abate after you are accepted to PhD programs at MIT or Harvard.

Masters Positions

We encourage you to get in touch with Professor Abate if you have funding and are interested in the work we do in the lab. In addition, keep an eye on the space below for updates on funded projects as they become available


If you’re a motivated, determined, and hard-working student seeking UROP or summer REU experiences, we welcome you to reach out to Professor Abate to express your interest. Your enthusiasm and commitment for science and engineering could find a perfect match within our dynamic team.